Introducing the Jonathan Creek Podcast

Introducing the Jonathan Creek Podcast

We are proud to present the latest project from the Columbo Podcast team, the Jonathan Creek Podcast. This will be a retrospective look at the BBC murder-mystery drama working in chronological order from The Wrestler’s Tomb forwards.


Episode 1 will remain available in the Columbo Podcast feed for a limited time, but we strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Jonathan Creek Podcast feed to make sure you get each episode as soon as it is available.


You can subscribe using any podcast provider, but for ease, here are a few links to help out:

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If you enjoy the show it would be greatly appreciated if you consider leaving ratings and reviews on these sites – particularly iTunes – as that can make a big difference to growing the podcast’s audience.

The Columbo Podcast Team

The Columbo Podcast Team

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  • Largo

    Thank you for linking to your new Jonathan Creek podcast here at the CPF, Gerry and Iain! Please keep this link available here until each of the following individuals have all checked in:

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    • Just checking in… 🙂

      • Largo

        YAY! Thanks for checking in here, Steve! Be seeing you! 😎

  • Consider me checked! Looks like the missus and I have a little catching up to do. 🙂

    • Largo

      YAAAAAY!!!!! Salty has checked in here! It’s so nice to see you here, Salty!! I hope you and Mrs. Salty catch up real soon. Be seeing you! 🙂

      • Ian Baxter

        Yep, I’m still here, hanging around, watching Columbo, following the new Jonathan Creek podcast. 🙂

        • Largo

          That you are, Ian! Thanks for checking in here today of all days: Mrs. Baxter’s B-Day! YAY and double YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!